Boston Shawarma Restaurant


Boston Shawarma uses only the finest, freshest ingredients & Halal Meats, nothing frozen! All of our food is Home-Made created with authentic Middle Eastern recipes.

Our secret: a unique blend of Mediterranean spices passed down from generation to generation to create what many food critics have described as the perfectly spiced falafel or shawarma sandwich. Our philosophy is simple: to serve delicious tasting authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food to those looking for a quick and healthy meal that is reasonable priced. We are family owned and operated over 25 years of experience.


About the food


We do not serve fast food, we serve great tasting Mediterranean food fast.


What is Falafel?


Falafel is a delicious blend of chickpeas, herbs, and spices. These natural ingredients make falafel one of the healthiest and tastiest foods. At Boston Shawarma Restaurant, this is our specialty! Our recipe has been passed down from generations, and has been rated the best in Boston.


What is Shawarma?


Shawarma is a mix of succulent chicken and/or beef/lamb marinated in Mediterranean spices, and cooked to perfection on a rotisserie, and served with Tahini sauce.


What is Hummus?


Hummus is a unique Mediterranean dip made from the perfect blend of chickpeas, garlic and special herbs & spices.



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